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TES provides expert advisory and Regulatory Compliance services with respect to environmental aspects. TES makes certain that its clients maintain an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations. TES works in a wide variety of fields for clients from different sectors. Through Strategic Environment Consulting solutions TES ensures that every aspect of its clients' operations are completely environmentally compliant and sustainable.

Consents (Establish, Operate and Renewal), Environmental Clearance, EIA- Environment Impact Assessment, Green Building Certification, Environmental Retainership, Comprehensive Environmental Services (Environmental monitoring, Environmental Statement Report, Hazardous Waste Management), Due Diligence(phase I & II), Infrastructure Audits, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Carbon Credits, Carbon offset, etc..

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Total Count of Project




238 Consents Completed & 23 Ongoing
92 Consent To Establish Completed & 7 Ongoing
84 Consent to Operate and 53 Renewal Consent to Operate completed & 9 Consent to Operate Ongoing
1 Consent To Renewal & 7 Ongoing
8 Amalgamation Completed
Auto Renewal
1 Product mix Completed

Environmental Clearance

21 Environmental Clearance Completed & 5 Ongoing Environmental Clearance

Compliance Report

35 Compliance Report Completed & 25 Ongoing
8 6 monthly Compliance Report Completed
24 ESR Project Completed & 23 Ongoing 2 Environmental Monitoring Completed
2 Retainership Ongoing
1 NGT Completed

Environmental legal & Due deligence

35 Environmental legal and Due deligence Completed & 2 Ongoing
27 Due Diligence Study Completed & 1 Ongoing
4 EMP/Environmental Management Plan Completed
4 Environment Audits Completed
1 Adequacy Report Ongoing
No Increase In Pollution Load

Technical and scientific Report

11 Technical and scientific Report Completed
1 Acoustic Enclosure Completed
2 Air Dispersion Modelling Completed
4 Annual Report Completed
2 Assesment to MoeF and CC Completed
2 Traffic study Completed


13 Authorization Completed Projects & 1 Ongoing


15 Training Completed & 2 Ongoing

1 AI Conference Completed

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