R And D on Water & Wastewater

Intensive research is conducted in the field of water and wastewater treatment and management. We work on developing effective chemical formulations for effective operation of effluent treatment, water treatment plants. We also work on innovative R & D projects in line with the strategic business plan in the area of water treatment and wastewater treatment.

Air-Pollution Control

Considering the recent scenario of air pollution a study that can provide solutions to the projects problems of the near future is our vital goal. TES is working hard to generate knowledge and catalyze innovation to inform policies and strategies regarding air pollution, its control and preventive measures.

Solid Waste Management

We work on developing solid waste management techniques as per the analysis of the current trend in segregation, disposal and management of solid waste.

Carbon Credit and Footprint

Considering the importance of keeping a track and diminishing the carbon emissions, TES conducts an intensive research in terms of carbon credits with respect to the different domains of the industrial and residential sector.

River Criticality Studies

Comprehensive profiling of rivers which involves surveying and studying the stretches of rivers, identifying potential pollutions sources and their effects on the natural ecosystem, using GIS Mapping, criticality indices, etc. It also involves source receptor modelling of the entire river thus designing a conservation management plan.

Developing Design Policy and Analysis
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