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The word “Techno” means Techniques and “Logos” means Study. This resembles Technogreen’s emblem of studying & adopting Green and Clean Techniques of solutions to environmental problem. TES has adopted simple fundamentals of nature & science and has converted it into knowledge and knowledge to solutions in various aspects of the environment.

Sewage Treatment Plants (Conventional, Phytorid, Packaged, SBR), Effluent Treatment Plants (Conventional, Phytorid), Packaged Treatment Plants (MBBR, Primary followed by tertiary, UF, RO) Water Treatment Plants (DM Water, Softner), High Rate Transpiration System (a natural Zero Liquid Discharge solution), Scaleban (option for Replacement of RO & MEE) and Air pollution control systems like Yuka Yantra (Indoor Application) and Virtual Chimney (Outdoor Application).

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Total Count of Project



Waste Water Management

59 Sewage Treatment Plant Completed & 17 Ongoing project
37 Effluent Treatment Plant Completed & 2 Ongoing
3 Effluent Sewage Treatment Plant Completed
2 Lake Rejuvenation / Treatment Completed
34 Packaged Treatment Plant Completed & 2 Ongoing
1 Filteration Unit for swimming pools Ongoing
2 High Rate Transpiration System(HRTS) Completed

Water Treatment Plant

6 Water Treatment Plant Completed & 1 Ongoing

Air pollution Control Equipment

2 Virtual Chimney Completed

Technical Consulting

83 Detailed Project Report Completed
4 Project Management Consultancy Completed & 7 Ongoing Project
23 Treatability & Feasibility Studies Completed
6 River Study Completed & 1 Ongoing

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