Mass Tree Plantation

The government of Maharashtra has taken up a mammoth task of planting 2crore trees across the State to be probably one of the first states in India attempting such a massive green movement. This impossible task is an assurance of the commitment of government towards its green initiative and green Maharashtra starting 1st July 2016 Maharashtra Pollution Control Board being one of the most important regulatory pillar of environmental governance has suo-moto registered itself for attempting 50 lakh tree plantation across its regional offices through participatory drive along with industries that are committed towards greening their premises and likewise areas of their jurisdiction. The MTP-MPCB (Mass Tree Plantation of MPCB) Web Page developed by Technogreen Environmental Solutions shall render an easy and effective way to register commitment of each of such participant and help MPCB monitor the success of this drive. The upcoming update shall also help participating individuals to monitor and update survival rates of trees and provide various statistical analysis of this drive and help improve the performance of this initiative.

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