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Environment field being multidisciplinary requiring expertise in almost all sectors of designing, civil, MEP, landscaping, geology, shadow, energy modeling, traffic simulations, baseline monitoring & analysis and several others, it seems to be almost impossible for every individual consultancy company to have all services under one roof and thereby the concept of Association has found its root in Indian market. Though not solely dependent on others, Technogreen have had several such Associate members in its ambit that serve us help the client receive all services under one roof and thereby make it convenient for organizations to have single contact point. The credibility and responsibility for achieving standards of services rests up on Technogreen as the case is in many of the individual expertise areas still rests up on Technogreen’s shoulders and thereby clients need not have to have multiple responsibilities & dealing with numerous agencies.

This set up has been successful in many cases wherein Technogreen has served as Parent single point contact and managed resources from relevant sectors being brought together for many of its clients. The concept has made life simple and easy for many and Technogreen has expanded its resource circle in sectors not only pertaining to fundamental environmental field but also those which have been non-conventional as well as recently added in the expanded horizons of environment management & R&D segment.