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Continuing to attract attention & time of our respected clients, Technogreen had been working with almost more than 200 clients from all across India in various sectors and have been conducting legal compliance consulting & implementation programs over a decade. Some of them being Environmental Legal compliances, CDM & Carbon trade, waste & wastewater management, air pollution and health, global warming, etc. for a variety of sectors right from industries to NGO's, to Local Bodies, government & others.

We, at Technogreen experienced that most of the environmental legal compliances related work are been assigned to the HR officials of industries thereby putting immense pressures and limitations to their existing work profile and also their future prospects for such integrated jobs. On the other hand, several of the MNC's & those who familiar with the subject having team of specialized staff to deal in the environmental compliances still face limitations due to the vast & integrated nature of this subject and limited exposure to the practical orientation to this field.

Understanding the limitations and need for integration of practical knowledge, orientation & sharing experiences, Technogreen has initiated this step way back towards industrial benefit through capacity building cum sensitization of interactive knowledge and experience sharing for imparting academic and field based orientation to all those who come across the first phase of orientation and introduction of Technogreen and its potential to help serve industries legal compliance and thereby be part of this amazing science of environment & legal compliances therein to help render effective skills, theoretical understanding & practical knowledge.

Technogreen's 5 point agenda for legal compliances have been Education / orientation, Awareness / sensitization, Researched / Experienced solutions implementation strategy, Training / capacity building for in-house decision making & Health related benefit analysis