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Knowledge Club

Taking yet another quantum leap ahead of many of the leading environment organizations, Technogreen takes this opportunity to introduce its latest and one of the most unique initiative in the field of environmental business deemed to involve participation and knowledge sharing through one of its kind approach of Knowledge Club Membership. The membership shall avail individuals and organizations to be abreast with the latest happenings in the field of environment related aspects of health, economics, technology, policies, legal framework, etc. under one roof and shall also avail expert advice on call for any such backend support for industries with zero response time.

Technogreen Knowledge Membership

offers a variety of knowledge sharing and backend support through participatory involvement of the individuals via personnel trainings, infrastructure assessments & audits, and advanced training in environmental engineering & technology. It is envisaged to be World’s first of its kind Technocratic enterprise approach to impart phenomenal opportunities for organizations and individuals to choose from their area of interest from amongst plethora of knowledge domains in field of environment. Some of the key features are as follows

  • All members can nominate 2 personnel from each industry
  • If there are multiple industries of a group, special offers can be availed
  • For Manufacturing / Process Industries - Yearly 5 general training courses each of 3 to 4 man-hours – one each on fundamental environmental sectors of Air, Wastewater, Solid Waste, Ecology & Legal Framework & Compliances
  • Special course on CSR strategies and latest areas of research in environment
  • One time General interactive training on MPCB Consent concept understanding & filing along with hands-on for annexure preparation
  • One to One Interaction with eminent scientists, philosophers, policy makers and experts from diverse origins and affiliations
  • On-Call / On Demand tutors in emergencies
  • Extensive Resource Library of books, movies, magazines, intellectual knowledge & personnel all in the field of environment
  • Academic and Exchange program opportunities (in due course of time)
  • Online forum for interaction with experts
  • On-Call environmental first aid solutions
  • Every member shall entail free service of 3rd party audit of STP/ETP/SWM facilities once a year
  • Our premium members shall also reap benefits of annual ESR filing, CESS filing, Hazardous Waste Returns filing, etc.
  • Members shall also be looped with quarterly e-magazine which shall comprising of news updates on policies, technologies, happenings across the globe and special features in Indian context
  • Members nominees shall also enjoy 1 day or 1 night & 2 days stay (as feasible) of nature trail in any of the most amazing designated Indian ecological areas to harness knowledge out of real nature (travel expenses on nominees as case may be)
  • In the due course of time, Club is also planning to have webinars to assist members to avail assess to most of the knowledge bank with Technogreen

The best part of this membership is equality in diversity. Whether MNC, LSI, MSI or SSI & no matter representing which type of industry, every organization shall reap equal benefits. Though Industries (Manufacturing / process) shall be one of the most important beneficiaries of this membership, construction industry shall also find this membership equally interesting and needed especially for compliance purpose. Individuals who aspire to be entrepreneurs, those looking for employment opportunities, those who need industry oriented environmental training shall find this membership especially blended for them. Academic institutions & students can also avail this opportunity to appraise themselves to the latest happenings of the environmental field & interact with experts and industries to strengthen opportunities for better placement & knowledge updation.