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It is not we at Technogreen who term our services as Magical but it is some of our respected clients who call us Magical and sometimes refer to our services as Unbelievable. Some has also referred to our colleagues as Superman & Rajnikant… This is the most authentic stamp that Technogreen has been able to achieve and is a mark of our success and constant quest for perfection. Though impossible, we at Technogreen still believe that our Pandora's Box has served many and helped them out of critical situations & yet still has Magic solutions to almost all of the critical problems that otherwise others have left to fate to handle.Be it traffic junction related pollution, Technogreen has come up with Virtual Chimney solution, Be it parking lot pollution, Technogreen designed low temperature catalysis, Be it sewage, Technogreen gave natural grasses to treat it, Be if Commonwealth Games, Technogreen served IITM to develop emissions inventory with all primary data in 2 months which otherwise takes years, Be it carbon emissions, Technogreen came up with innovative Carbon Offset program first ever in Pune Expo and the list is exponentially adding up.