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Many a times it is essential to convert theory into practicality. Technogreen realized this very important sector wherein theoretical information alone may not always suffice knowledge requirements for formulation of a strategy or in many cases formulation of a solution. Therein Technogreen has recently launched itself in the field of data collection and collation through field work in order to sustain precision and accuracy as well as have direct supervision on monitored data for quality purpose both in environment and meteorology sectors. Taking a step beyond just monitoring which though important still forms only basic part of management, Technogreen experienced that most of the non-compliance is not due to technology failures but most of them can be accounted for failures / ignorance to operate and maintain the abatement / mitigation systems up to the mark desired.

Taking lessons from our own technology implementation places, Technogreen made its outdoor venture through O&M jobs especially in ETP and STP. Though Annual maintenance has also been part of Technogreen's endeavor in past, this outdoor presence has made our clients possess more confidence that we are one such organization who not only colours paper but are equally efficient and effective on the field.