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Technology for clean drinking water

An environment-friendly technology engineered by researcher David Bowell of the University of Cincinnati uses light to generate hydrogen peroxide...


‘Rising pollution levels reduce lung function among diabetics’(News Form The Indian Express)

Even a 10 microgram per cubic metre rise in particulate matter (PM 10) level can increase breathlessness and reduce lung function among diabetic persons. The results of the Wellcome Trust Genetic study are a startling indicator of how diabetic patients are at great risk of impaired lung function due to air pollution in Pune. This is the first time researchers aimed at investigating the long-term pulmonary effects of air pollution in Pune where the typical concentrations of PM 10 in the ambient air is above 100 µg/m3. The study “Air Pollution and Respiratory Health Among Diabetic and Non-diabetics: Insulin Resistance in Diabetic Patients”, is set to be published soon in the Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

According to researchers, there is scientific evidence now that the increasing PM 10 levels have led to poor glucose control and insulin resistance among diabetics. “Our analysis showed that exposure to higher PM 10 concentration was related with increased risk of chronic cough, dyspnea (breathlessness) and impaired lung function. The prevalence of wheezing, allergy symptom, chest tightness, asthma and COPD were significantly higher among diabetic subject than non-diabetics,” Dr Sundeep Salvi, director, Chest Research Foundation, and one of the co-authors of the WellGen Study that was supported by the Wellcome Trust (London), said. Researchers Morteza Khafaie from Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, Iran, worked in coordination with Dr C S Yajnik, director of the Diabetes Research Unit at KEM hospital, Dr Ajay Ojha from Technogreen Environmental Solutions and Salvi to examine the effect of exposure to ambient PM 10 on chronic symptoms and the pulmonary function tests in diabetic and non-diabetic persons.

Diabetics may be more vulnerable to the harmful effects of ambient air pollutants than healthy individuals. But the risk factors that lead to susceptibility to air pollution in diabetics have not yet been identified, Yajnik explained, adding that 400 Type 2 diabetic and 465 non-diabetic persons were investigated for chronic respiratory symptoms at KEM hospital. Air pollutants and meteorological data were provided by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and the Indian Meteorological Department.

Shahdara lake set to end its 'dry days': Phase-I of rejuvenation plan completed(News Form IndianToday.in)

There is hope for the long-dead Shahdara Lake Rejuvenation Project. The 10-acre wetland, which once flourished in this part of a crowded East Delhi, could come back to life again.Its first phase, which involved setting up of a 'natural' sewage treatment plant with help from NEERI experts, is complete and functional. Vast beds of red and yellow Canna Variegated flowers, Umbrella Palm, Pampas Grass and Water Lily - which absorb sewage as nutrients - can be seen at the site.At least 30 lakh litre of wastewater, collected from 5000 to 6000 households in Shahdara, is being treated through a method called 'phytorid wetlands' daily.

The water is drained into the dry lake bed for revival.As per East MCD officers, the second phase of the project - comprising excavation of the lake bed, garbage removal and cementing or tiling for water retention - has been approved under the central government's AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation). At least Rs15 crore may be granted for this purpose to EDMC. The project was stalled for over four years because of lack of funds with East MCD. Initiatives that will follow the initial phases include greening around the lake area, creation of boating facilities, constructing a banquet hall, amphitheatre, tennis court, etc. Gaurav Jaiswal, an officer with the Projects Division of Shahdara (North) Zone, EDMC, said, "We are happy this is progressing well. We have got in-principle approval for second phase of the project under AMRUT Mission. We have already asked NEERI (National Environmental Engineering Research Institute) to design the lake and its landscaping." "We are awaiting the money sanctioned for the project. It could be ready by 2020, though we are not confirming any timeline," he stated.

Ajay Ojha, a co-partner in Technogreen Environmental Solutions (TES), Pune, which set up the 'natural STP', said, "This (the Shahdara Lake setup) is the biggest phytorid wetland system in India so far. It works much better than conventional STPs, which have many costly mechanical and electrical components, malfunctions and require high maintenance." "On the other hand, these plants - Canna Variegated, Umbrella Palm, Water Lily, etc. - laid on gravel beds and boulders with a system of 20 screening chambers and an Ultraviolet (UV) water purification system, clean dirty water very well. The end product turns out to be of recreational quality," he explained.There are still many challenges before TES and EDMC in reviving the lake. The Public Works Department has a sewage drain opening up right into the Shahdara jheel, contaminating the clean STP-produced water. Public nuisance is a huge issue too. "Many steel components of the STP tanks have been cut and taken away by miscreants in the area. We lose Rs 50,000-60, 000 worth of pipes, pumps and lights every week," said an officer at the site, Aditya Sharma. Help from the police is being taken, he added.

MPCB has started a new window/Platform for Consent Application & Annual Hazardous Waste Return Submission, details are as below:

NDMC Chaiman Chairman Shri. Naresh Kumar(IAS) , Chief Engineer Civil Er. S. K. Jha ,Suprintendent Engineer Er. Ajay Gupta,Executive Engineer Sewer projects Er. S. S. Sharma ,Assistant Engineer Sewer projects Er. Jaswant singh visited newly completed site N.P. Bangali School(100 KLD STP) using Phytorid Technology .

Link for registration:https://maitri.mahaonline.gov.in/

Hon. CM Delhi Shri Kejriwalji visited our new plant in NDMC for N. P. Bangali School,Delhi .

Visit of NDMC Chairman Mr. Naresh Kumar(IAS) at newly completed site N. P. Bangali School,Delhi

NDMC Chaiman Chairman Shri. Naresh Kumar(IAS) , Chief Engineer Civil Er. S. K. Jha ,Suprintendent Engineer Er. Ajay Gupta,Executive Engineer Sewer projects Er. S. S. Sharma ,Assistant Engineer Sewer projects Er. Jaswant singh visited newly completed site N.P. Bangali School(100 KLD STP) using Phytorid Technology .

Got a Work Order for implementation of Virtual chimney semi conductor catalysis (M+L) for the proposed Project “Rustomjee Seasons”, Bandra (E)

TES is ready to setup natural STP which is the biggest phytorid wetland system in India so far.

It works much better than conventional STPs, which have many costly mechanical and electrical components, malfunctions and require high maintenance.

Training Programme Organised By PriMove,Pune For Water & Sanitation Sector Professionals,Government of Maharashtra.

A training programme was organised on Tuesday, 20.06.2016 at Sadanand Regency, Balewadi, Pune by PriMove. This training programme was organised for Government of Maharashtra, Water Supply & Sanitation Department Professionals under Jal Sawaraj II Programme to understand different technologies available for treatment of wastewater. Mr. Prasad Pawar, Partner of Technogreen Environmental Solutions delivered a presentation on "Phytorid Technology".

Pune: Scattered efforts take steam out of measures to check falling air quality

Recently CPCB has issued a Letter to MS of all PCBs, dated 02.02.2017 for regularization and clarification of consent applicability w.r.t. Construction projects.

Following is the abstract for your ready reference:

  1. For White category, No requirement of consent only information to SPCB is sufficient.
  2. No need to obtain consent to establish for Building/ construction / area development / township projects for such projects EC shall suffice; subjected to the condition that there should be a permanent member from SPCB in the state level EIA authority to represent views of SPCB.
  3. All the projects requiring EC either from state level or MOEFCC may be exempted from obtaining the consent to establish. Such projects may be directly granted consent to operate; subjected to EC and installation of Pollution Control Devices.

MoEFCC has issued a Notification dated 14.03.2017 for regularization and way ahead of violation cases.

This notification suppress all previous notifications /GR/OM regarding violation case.Following is the abstract of the said Notification:

  1. In case the projects or activities requiring Prior Environmental Clearance under EIA Notification, 2006, are brought for environmental clearance after STARTING the CONSTRUCTION work, or have undertaken expansion, modernization, and change in product- mix without prior environmental clearance, these projects shall be treated as cases of VIOLATIONS and in such cases, even Category B projects which are granted environmental clearance by the State Environment Impact Assessment Authority shall be appraised for grant of environmental clearance only by the Expert Appraisal Committee and environmental clearance will be granted at the CENTRAL LEVEL.
  2. The cases of violation will be appraised by respective sector Expert Appraisal Committees and in case, where the finding of the Expert Appraisal Committee is negative, closure of the project will be recommended along with other actions under the law.
  3. In case, where the findings of the Expert Appraisal Committee are affirmative, the projects under this category will be prescribed the appropriate Terms of Reference for undertaking Environment Impact Assessment and preparation of Environment Management Plan. Further, the Expert Appraisal Committee will prescribe a specific Terms of Reference for the project on assessment of ecological damage, remediation plan and natural and community resource augmentation plan and it shall be prepared as an independent chapter in the environment impact assessment report by the accredited consultants. The collection and analysis of data for assessment of ecological damage, preparation of remediation plan and natural and community resource augmentation plan shall be done by an environmental laboratory duly notification under EPA, 1986, or a environmental laboratory accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, or a laboratory of a Council of Scientific and Industrial Research institution working in the field of environment.
  4. The Expert Appraisal Committee shall stipulate the implementation of Environmental Management Plan, comprising remediation plan and natural and community resource augmentation plan corresponding to the ecological damage assessed and economic benefit derived due to violation as a condition of environmental clearance.
  5. The project proponent will be required to submit a bank guarantee equivalent to the amount of remediation plan and Natural and Community Resource Augmentation Plan with the State Pollution Control Board and the quantification will be recommended by Expert Appraisal Committee and finalized by Regulatory Authority and the bank guarantee shall be deposited prior to the grant of environmental clearance and will be released after successful implementation of the remediation plan and Natural and Community Resource Augmentation Plan, and after the recommendation by regional office of the Ministry, Expert Appraisal Committee and approval of the Regulatory Authority.
  6. The projects or activities which are in violation as on date of this notification only will be eligible to apply for environmental clearance under this notification and the project proponents can apply for environmental clearance under this notification only WITHIN SIX MONTHS from the date of this notification.
  7. Conclusion: Commencement of construction prior EC shall be treated as VIOLATIONS and all violation cases shall be heard at CENTRAL LEVEL only.

Build Sustainable Eco-Friendly “SMART CITY”: said by Environmental Specialist

Launch of 'Web portal for CRZ Clearances' by Shri Anil Madhav Dave, Hon'ble Minister of State

In order to bring more transparency and accountability in the CRZ clearance process, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change, Government of India has launched a new 'Web portal for CRZ Clearances' on 8th March 2017.
Types of Proposals that can be submitted through this portal:

  • Proposals requiring only CRZ Clearance under CRZ Notification 2011
  • Proposals requiring both clearances i.e. EC clearance (Category A and Category B both) under EIA Notification 2006 and CRZ Clearance under CRZ notification 2011

For details, please refer Web link: http://environmentclearance.nic.in/writereaddata/1_page_CRZ.pdf

SC:Set up effluent treatment plants in 3 months or shut shop

The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed industrial units across the country to set up effluent treatment plants within three months.The court said industrial units without functional primary effluent treatment plants will not be allowed to run after the stipulated time.“State pollution bodies will ask discoms (distribution companies) to disconnect power for industries that do not comply,” the court said.The court also directed states to build common effluent treatment plants within three years. A bench headed by Chief Justice J.S. Khehar directed that industrial units and states periodically apprise the National Green Tribunal of the progress made.
Civic bodies in states have been directed to set up zero liquid discharge plants and include real-time monitoring of waste treatment within six months from then.The court’s orders came on a public interest litigation filed in 2012 by non-profit Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti which sought directions to control industrial pollution. “Under no circumstances should any effluent in excess of norms allowed flow into any water body or seep into the soil,” the petition said.In January, the apex court had summoned the chief secretaries of at least 19 states for not having filed the state governments’responses on time.

Presenting "HRTS: Execution challenges at MVML, Pune" in workshop organized by CSIR-NEERI.

Half day workshop on "Hydraulic management of wastewater through High Rate Transpiration System(HRTS) for practically Zero Discharge" has been organized by CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur in association with MVML,Chakan,Pune on February 20,2017.Technogreen Environmental Solutions,Pune being the implementation partner at MVML,Pune particiapated in the workshop.

On the behalf of TES, Md. Nadeem Sheikh and Ms. Surbhi Jore attended the workshop, chaired by reverend researchers viz. ,Dr. Hemant J. Purohit ,Head Environmental Biotechnology and Genomic Division, CSIR NEERI,Nagpur; Mr. D.T. Devale Legal Advisor,MPCB; Dr. Prabhakar wavade-Feild Officer,MPCB, Mr. Vinay Bedekar-MVML Chakan,Pune.

The workshop was organized to promote the HRTS technology for the disposal of treated wastewater. Ms. Jore presented "HRTS: Execution challenges at MVML ,Pune".The overwhelming response of industries encouraged us to perform enven better in the days to come.

The Forest Ministry on Thursday Launched The State-wide 'Hello Forest' Helpline.

The helpline can be reached by dialling '1926' from any phone and operated on a 24-hour basis with the option of three languages - Hindi, Marathi, and English.
Know More: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/pune/forest-helpline-launched-a-day-early/articleshow/56362865.cms


The National Green Tribunal barred on Thursday any fresh constructions under the environment ministry's December 9 notification exempting real estate projects of all sizes from environment impact assessment and environmental clearance.
Know More: http://toi.in/fueNwZ/a20ai

List of Projects Required Public Consultation Even If They Are Located In Notified Industrial Areas /Regions /Zones/ EPZ As Per OM Dated 4th April 2016

Know More: http://environmentclearance.nic.in/View.aspx?rid=16

EIA Notification Amendment 2016 issued on 09.12.2016

Ministry Of Environment & Forest & Climate Change has issued an Amendment in EIA Notification 2006 dated 09.12.2016. Major changes are mentioned as below and detailed comparative statement of EIA Notification 2006 and EIA Notification 2016 is attached for your ready reference.

  1. The Integrated Environmental Conditions [As per size of project given in Appendix XIV] with building permissions shall be granted by the LOCAL AUTHORITIES [Instead of SEAC & SEIAA as earlier] for the projects having BUA less than 1,50,000 square meters
  2. Note that henceforth these Integrated Environmental Conditions shall be applicable for the construction projects having BUA of 5,000 Sq. M to 1,50,000 Sq. M
  3. The States adopting Integrated Environmental Conditions given in Appendix XIV in the building bye-laws and relevant State laws and incorporating these conditions in the approvals given for building construction making it legally enforceable shall not require a separate environmental clearance from the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change for individual buildings
  4. The State Governments where bye-laws or rules are NOT FRAMED may continue to follow the EXISTING PROCEDURE of appraisal for individual projects and grant of Environmental Clearance for buildings and constructions as per the provisions laid down in this notification
  5. For the purpose of certification regarding incorporation of environmental conditions in buildings, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change may empanel through competent agencies, the Qualified Building Environment Auditors (QBEAs) to assess and certify the building projects, as per the requirements of this notification and the procedure for accreditation of Qualified Building Auditors and their role as given at Appendix-XV
  6. In order to implement the integration of environmental condition in building bye-laws, the State Governments or Local Authorities may constitute the Environment Cell for compliance, monitoring and to ensure environmental planning within their jurisdiction
  7. The Environment Cell shall function under the administrative control of the Local Authorities
  8. No Consent to Establish and Operate under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 will be required from the State Pollution Control Boards for RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS up to 1,50,000 Sq. M.

Amended EIA Notification 2016 for ready reference:

  1. Comparative_EIA_Notification 2006_2016 
  2. EIA Notification_09.12.2016 

Environmental Audits for - "Alkem laboratories & Sisco Research Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. !!!

For assessment of comlpiance for local environmental legislation is the exercise carried out with factory premise primary focusing on environmental issues & consent condition completed.

Independant India's first planned hill city Aamby Valley City !!!

Independant India's first planned hill city AVC !!! To get its environmental clearance.TES has successfully submitted EIA report of the project to SEAC committee. Soon it will be declared.

TES has completed one more project "Kamalraj Datta Vihar"-EC!

Environmental Clearance granted to the residential cum commercial project "Kamalraj Datta Vihar" located at Moshi, Pune by Kamalraj Estate.
Name of Project: "Kamalraj Datta Vihar"
Address: S.No. 194,Village-Borhadewadi(Moshi),Taluka-haveli, Pune
Name of Project Proponent:M/s. kamalraj Estate

Three New Project is completed by Technogreen-In Consulting Division!

Name of Project: Consent to operate along with required amendment for Educational Institute and hostel facility
Address: Wakad, Pune
Name of Project Proponent:Sri Balaji Society

Name of Project: Consent to operate along with required amendment
Address:Ranjangaon, Pune
Name of Project Proponent:ITC Limited

Name of Project: Environment Management Plan (EMP)
Address:Andheri MIDC, Mumbai
Name of Project Proponent:M/s. Abbot Health Care Pvt. Ltd.

One More Project is completed by Technogreen-Nandan Carnival-EC !

Environmental Clearance granted to the residential cum commercial project "Nandan Carnival" located at Adgaon, Nashik by M/s. Nandan Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.
Name of Project: “Nandan Carnival” Residential Cum Commercial Project
Address: Adgaon, Nashik
Name of Project Proponent: M/s. Nandan Buildcon Pvt. Ltd
Scope of Work: Procurement of Environmental Clearance from SEAC/SEIAA

Another feather in Technogreen’s cap!! TES now in Himachal Pradesh!

Technogreen Environmental Solutions has successfully commissioned a 52CMD (cubic meter per day) ‘PHYTORID TREATMENT PLANT’ at TATA Housing in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh.
This project has opened up new horizons for TES, embarking its first step towards business growth. TES’s mission is to become a trademark in Indian Environmental Business. Through this project TES added another state to its list.
The water treated through this treatment plant will be used for secondary purposes by the housing societies. Treating waste water is one of the most feasible ways to save water. TES has sworn to fight for the environment. It has been and it will be!!
Kudos TES Project Team!!Watch Video

Conference on “Pathway Towards Formulation of Science Based Environmental Policy for State of Maharashtra”

On the eve of Earth Day celebrated on 22nd April, Environment Department, GoM, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board in association with World Trade Centre & knowledge Partner as Technogreen Environmental Solutions is organizing a two day conference dtd 20th & 21st April 2016 on ‘Pathway towards Formulation of Science Based Environmental Policy for State of Maharashtra’.

The conference aims to sensitize this urgent need for integrating a sustainable environmental policy for our state taking into consideration new technological, informational & research interventions through communications from all concerned stakeholders. The idea is to formulate science based policy sharing common vision paving way towards a better tomorrow.

It is a privilege for all of us that our Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Devendra Fadnavis will be inaugurating the conference cum exhibition. Hon. Shri Ramdas Kadam & Shri Pravin Pote Patil will be the Guests of Honour for this event which is initiated by Hon. Chairman of MPCB & Addln. Chief. Sec., Environment Smt. Malini Shankar & Member Secretary Dr. P. Anbalagan.

Eminent Speakers from various sectors such as climate change, health, air & wastewater pollution management, solid waste management including high level delegation of leading foreign companies from France shall be sharing their vast vision, intellect & experience to pave the way forward in creating an enviro-social & economically balanced State of Maharashtra. The event shall also witness more than 250 stakeholders & will integrate best practices /innovations in field of mitigation / control options to aid future potential policies, governing environmental management to the state of Maharashtra through an Exhibition. The exhibition of innovative interventions, ideas and inputs will provide insights and motivation needed to involve science in policy formulation process.

We believe media plays one of the most important roles in success of any policy through complete & correct communication across sections of society. We request your participation to make this event a success. Attached herewith is a brochure entailing details of program schedule, topics of discussion and list of eminent speakers.

Technogreen on Zee 24 Taas !

Zee 24 Taas aired a show ‘NISARGSATHI’ featuring Technogreen Environmental Solutions, Pune’s Dr. Ajay Ojha, MD, TES on 2nd April, 2016. The show showcased TES’s patented technology ‘Phytorid Technology’, also called as constructed wetland technology.

This show aimed at taking this simple yet innovative technology to every Indian common man and motivating everyone to apply it in their day to day lives. This process uses easily available plants and material and can be installed easily as well.

Within the few minutes of the show, TES, Pune office was buzzing with telephone ringing giving us the satisfaction of the good awareness level among the public and the credibility and trust they wished to put in us by knowing more about the technology.

Technogreem wishes to take its knowledge as far as it can to make the future more sustainable and strong.