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Rapid economic growth and urban population growth in major cities have trigged a series of challenges to the endeavours of maintaining the clean air. Quality of the environmental parameters in urban areas is cause of public concern, largely as a result of increased instances of several health problems. New pollutants are being increasingly recognized and point to sources, which are of inevitable use in day-to-day modern life. The pollution sources have grown and so also the pollutants. Many of these sources are indices of development.

Numerous examples of sever environmental pollution cases has prompted the Supreme Court and various High Courts to direct cities with high levels of pollution to prepare and implement environment quality management action plans. At the same time, recent studies indicate that despite the effort at the citywide level, sustainability remains a concern, while the cost is significant.

It now seems that more cities with a different composition of sources are required by the Courts to prepare and implement Action Plans, there is a growing willingness to take stock of past lessons and move ahead in a more cost-effective and sustainable manner, tailored to the circumstances. However, to assess and design cost effective interventions (low-cost, significant impact on pollution levels), demonstration and sharing of good (and less successful) experience, are lacking. The proposed project will aim to fill this gap with having a large downstream impact on improving the quality of various environmental parameters along with health and quality of life.

It takes immense pleasure for Technogreen to create awareness amongst the layman as along with the several officials belonging to various renowned organizations. Technogreen has conducted numerous training programmes on climate change, CDM, AQM for institutions, government organisations, etc. which includes PMC, MPCB, MCCIA, NIMA, YASHADA & many others. Till date it has sensitized more than 200,000 individuals, completing more than 500 seminars, 100 ToT programs, workshops, etc. for the sheer love for Mother Nature.