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“Go Green” the motto set by our country is followed by us at Technogreen Environmental Solutions. We are one of the leading organizations in Maharashtra for conventional technologies and leaders in non- conventional technologies across the country, which provides services in almost every realm of environment & infrastructure planning. We have been into providing solutions to every problem of environment, which are both environmentally as well as economically feasible.

Looking at the constant innovation, we at TES have launched technologies and carry innovative research with the help of an efficient and qualified team of dedicated experts belonging to this amazing interdisciplinary field of environmental chemistry, science, and engineering. We have been established in April 2001 with a blend of technical staff, TES is successfully operating with a team of young to mid- professionals belonging to amazing interdisciplinary fields of Environment. We have been publishing papers and filing patents for the wastewater treatment technologies and air quality management using varied principles of nature, making TES different than other competitors in this field. One of our fortes is to provide tailor-made services for financial gains to the industries & turnkey assignments such as effluent treatment, air pollution control system, waste to energy projects & others.

We also have a special capacity building program for corporate upliftment & designing strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility.

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